Fall 2018
Math 132

Section Day/Time Room Location Instructor
1 MWF 9AM-10AM Brown 118 Prof Blake Thornton
2 MWF 10AM-11AM Brown 118 Prof Blake Thornton
3 MWF 12PM-1PM Louderman 458 Prof Jenny Shrensker
4 MWF 1PM-2PM Louderman 458 Prof Jenny Shrensker
Prof Blake Thornton
Office: Cupples 1, Room 108A
Email: bthornton@wustl.edu
Office Hours: Blake's Calendar
    Or make an appointment
Prof Jenny Shrensker
Office: Cupples 1, Room 202
Email: shrenskerj@wustl.edu
Office Hours:
    Monday: 11:00-11:45, 2:00-2:30
    Wednesday: 2:00-3:00
    Friday: 2:00-2:45 (Except 9/21, 10/26, 11/30, 12/7)
    Or make an appointment

Assistants to Instructors
Mary Barker: marybarker@email.wustl.edu
Josh Covey: covey@wustl.edu
Chris Felder: cfelder@wustl.edu
Chuang Liu: chang.liu@wustl.edu
Jiayi Fu: jiayi.fu@wustl.edu
Cezareo Rodriguez: cezareo.rodriguez@wustl.edu
Soumya Sinha Babu: soumya@wustl.edu
Tyler Williams: tgwilliams@email.wustl.edu
Bowei Zhao: b.zhao@wustl.edu

Help and Assistant Office Hours: Calculus Help Room. Available M-F between 10AM-5PM.

Math 132 Facebook Group:
Please join the Math 132 Facebook Group.
You can post questions or ideas you have about calculus. The instructors and assistants will also be members of the group and will respond when needed.

At the link above (which should take you to the bottom of this page), you can find information on textbook, discussion sections, help, clickers, calculators, homework, PLTL, study suggestions, exams, grades, grading scale and more.

Tentative Schedue and Handouts:
The schedule is tentative and will be updated regularly.
Week Dates Sections

(From Stewart Text)
Notes Discussion
1 Aug 27-31 4.9: 1-15, 25-36
5.1: 3-5
5.2: 1,5,17,21-25
First day of class Mon Aug 27 WS01-Aug 28 WB:Chap4-9
2 Sept 3-Sept 7 5.3: 7-37
5.4: 5-12,21-35
No Class Monday WS02-Sept 4 WB:Chap5-3
3 Sept 10-Sept 14 5.5: 1-36
6.1: 13-28, 31, 35
WS03-Sept 11 WB:Chap5-5
4 Sept 17-Sept 21 6.2: 1-18, 39, 47, 49, 55, 57, 58
Exam 1 Monday Evening

Exam1-Review Sheet
Exam1-Review Solutions
WS04-Sept 18 WB:Chap6-1
5 Sept 24-Sept 28 6.3: 1-20
6.5: 1-17
7.1: 1-42
Desmos-Solids of Revolution WS05-Sept 25 WB:Chap6-3
6 Oct 1-Oct 5 7.2: 1-49
WS06-Oct 2 WB:Chap7-2
7 Oct 8-Oct 12 7.3: 1-30
Exam 2 Tuesday Evening

Exam2-Review Sheet
Exam2-Review Solutions
WS07-Oct 9 WB:Chap7-3
8 Oct 15-Oct 19 7.4: 1-38
Fall Break Mon/Tues
(no discussion sections)
Partial Fraction calculators:
Fall Break
No worksheet
9 Oct 22-Oct 26 7.5: all
4.4: 8-64
7.8: 1-40
WS09-Oct 23 WB:Chap7-5
10 Oct 29-Nov 2 8.1: 1-22
8.2: 1-18
11.1: 1-56
WS10-Oct 30 WB:Chap8-1
11 Nov 5-Nov 9 11.2: 1-48 odd, 57-63 odd
11.3: 1-26 odd, 29-32
WS11-Nov 6 WB:Chap11-2
12 Nov 12-Nov 16 11.4: 1-32 odd
11.5: 1-34 odd
Exam 3 Tuesday Evening

Exam3-Review Sheet
Exam3-Review Solutions
Exam3-Practice Test
Exam3-Practice Test Solutions
WS12-Nov 13 WB:Chap11-4
13 Nov 19-Nov 23 11.6: 1-38 odd
Thanksgiving Wed-Fri
Discussion sections will meet
WS13-Nov 20 WB:Chap11-6
14 Nov 26-Nov 30 11.7: 1-38 odd
11.8: 1-28 odd
11.9: 3-32 odd
Series Flow Chart WS14-Nov 27 WB:Chap11-7
15 Dec 3-Dec 7 11.10: 1-65 odd
11.11: 3-22 odd
Last day of class Friday WS15-Dec 4 WB:Chap11-10
16 Dec 11-15 Final Exam Fri Dec 14, 10:30-12:30PM Exam 3 Tuesday Evening

Course Review
Exam4-Review Sheet
Exam4-Review Solutions
Exam4-Practice Test
Exam4-Practice Test Solutions



Text 0 (Lecture Notes): Calculus 2 Lecture Workbook
You will want a copy of this to work through as it contains the problems that we will work through in lecture. Solutions/answers will be posted in the schedule above as we work through the book. It is a work in progress--there may be errors that I will try to correct as we go (not so helpful for us, but helpful for the next group).

Text 1 (Textbook): Stewart, Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 8th edition.
We will plan to cover most of chapters 5-8,11
I will be using the 8th edition, Early Transcendentals, but only as a rough guide. You should be okay with any edition but you will have less annoyances the closer you are to the 8th edition. Getting a non-early-transcendentals book is probably fine too, but you will have some annoyances to deal with.
There are many options for acquiring this book.
For my money, I would buy a copy of the 6th or 7th edition, used, from Amazon for about $10-20.

Are you in the right class?
Math 131 Calculus 1: Limits, Derivatives, maxima and minima, L'Hopital's Rule
Math 132 Calculus 2: Integration, area, volumes, surface area, infinite series, Taylor series
Math 233 Calculus 3: Partial derivatives, multiple integration, Green's theorem and vector calculus

Discussion Sections
You will meet with your Assistant to Instructor every Tuesday (starting with the first Tuesday of class). In these meetings, you will learn new material and topics as well as work on problem solving. Come to these meetings prepared by doing your homework. You will have group work to do that will be graded and part of your grade.
We will drop two discussion section grades in computing your group work score.

Where to go for Help:

Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL)
The PLTL program is voluntary but highly recommended. If you want to participate, you must sign up the first week of class by completing an Application

While you are free to use any calculator for your homework, you will not be allowed to use a calculator for exams:

To log in, go to Blackboard, Math 132-Merge, then click on "Content" (found on the left side).
You will do weekly homework online. You are responsible for making sure this is done by the due date.
Important! There may be more than one set due each week!
Collaboration: Feel free to work together but remember, you have to be able to perform by yourself on exams!
We will drop two webwork grades in computing your webwork score.

Recommended Homework
The textbook contains an enormous number of homework exercises at the end of each section. You will get the most out of the course if you do all of these (yes, I really do mean all of these). I will recommend a subset of these problems for you to focus on. These will not be collected or graded.

Study Suggestions - What to do daily and weekly

Exam Schedule
Exam Schedule
Exam 1 Mon Sept 17, 6:30-8:30PM
Exam 2 Tues Oct 9, 6:30-8:30PM
Exam 3 Tues Nov 13, 6:30-8:30PM
Final Fri Dec 14, 10:30AM-12:30PM

Grades: Your final grades will be computed according to the following formula:
	    Grade = 0.75*( e1+e2+e3+ 2*e4 - min(e1, e2, e3, e4))/4
	    + 0.15*(WeBWork)
	    + 0.10*(Group Work)
Basically this means that all exams and homework are weighted equally, the final exam can replace your lowest semester exam. The other items should be self-explanatory.

A [90,infinity)
A- [85,90)
B+ [80,85)
B [75,80)
B- [70,75)
C+ [65,70)
C [60,65)
C- [55,60)
D [50,55)
F [0,50)

Pass/Fail Policy: You must get at least a C- to earn a "Pass".

Disability Resources (DR):
Special accommodations for exams are offered to students who have registered in a timely manner at Disability Resources (DR). Information about DR may be found at http://disability.wustl.edu/ Students who desire to take advantage of this service should go to the DR early in the semester, well before the first exam. Once approved for accommodations, students should work with DR for these exams.

Links and Resources